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Windows do a lot for our homes, so when it comes to purchasing new ones, we want nothing but the best. Pro Windows in El Paso can install high-quality windows into your home for improved efficiency and appearance.

Pro Windows El Paso

Pro Windows was founded in 2013 with the intention of helping the Sun City make the most out of the windows in their home. Your windows play a vital role. Not only do they allow you a nice view of your neighborhood and the city, they also contribute to temperature, lighting, and comfort control. In fact, a good window will allow you to adjust the temperature of a room without having to adjust the thermostat, adjust the lighting during the day without having to flip a switch, and to improve the comfort of the room via the temperature, lighting, and privacy control windows provide.

Pro Windows is dedicated to helping people in the Sun City find the best windows for their homes and budgets. Our windows are manufactured by some of the best in the business, including Simonton Windows, Pella Windows, and Windowmart. We are a Better Business Bureau A+ company and are LEED certified, meaning we are equipped and qualified to help you.


At Pro Windows, we are window experts. The window services we offer include:

Where Are We Located?

Pro Windows is located in El Paso, Texas and is dedicated to serving the El Paso and surrounding communities. In addition to helping El Paso residents, we are also happy to serve homes in Socorro and Clint. Our location is in the perfect spot to help you improve your home with new windows and doors.

How We Can Help You

Did you know that many El Pasoans have the wrong windows installed in their homes? Many people have double-pane windows installed.

While these windows may work great in the northeastern part of the country, where they are manufactured, they typically don’t work as well in El Paso’s climate, especially since, as you know, our weather is incredibly different than the weather in the New England states. While many companies offer double-pane windows for cheap, giving you the illusion that you are getting a good bargain out of the deal, they won’t last very long, meaning you’ll end up having to spend more money
in the end.

At Pro Windows, we know exactly what kind of windows homes in the El Paso area need and can install them for you. We’ll ensure they better the air filtration in your home, improve temperature control, and look great. Another great thing about purchasing new windows from us is we can work with your budget. In fact, we get our windows from different manufacturers specifically for this reason. So if you have a higher budget, we can get the windows from a luxurious window manufacturer. But if your budget is on the lower end, we can get more affordable high-quality windows from a different manufacturer.

If you’re tired of having high energy bills, poor air filtration, a lack of temperature control, and old, outdated windows, don’t fret!

Feel free to set up an appointment with us for a free in-home consultation. We can give you a demo of many of our most popular windows while giving you an idea of which window will work best for you and what the cost of that window may look like. Once this is completed, we will set up a second appointment to measure the windows you want to replace in your home and then we will place the order for your windows!